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Out of all the free online marketing tools for businesses today, Google My Business listing remains an essential tool that cannot be neglected. So far, this Google Local Business tool has become popular among most business owners as a means of attracting local customers. Despite this enormous benefit, some business owners still find it hard to set up a working and effective Google My Business listing. Therefore, we shall examine below the top ten tips to perfect your Google Places Business Listing.

1.  Use your Real Business Name

Some business included much irrelevant extra words in their listing name. Although this helped for a while, Google has raised a zero tolerance for businesses that don’t use their real names. However, you can consider adding one or two keywords in your name. Consider the sample below:

    • Real business name – Easy Street Social Limited
    • Google Places listing name – Easy Street Social Marketing Limited

2.  Ensure your Business Information is 100% accurate

The accuracy of your business details is also essential. Let your customer know what your business does exactly. Add your correct business name, address, email, fax, mobile number, and website.

3.  Use the Right Business Categories and lots of them

Google Maps Marketing allows you to add up to 5 different for your business. It is important to choose the category that is most relevant to your business if you want your potential customers to find you. Google will give you suggestions from which you can choose from. Remember; there are five categories available, make sure you use them all.

4.  Punchy & Compelling Business Description

After your business name, the next thing a potential customer wants to see is your business description. Although Google allows just 200 characters, this space is more than enough to write a punchy and compelling description of your business. Use sales terms like professional, accredited, trusted, certified, etc in your description.

5.  Include Photos & Video

Meanwhile, Google local listings allow you to use about 10 photos and one short video. Make sure you utilize all of these options. Hire a professional graphics designer to get quality, appealing, and informative graphics of your business. More so, create a short 1 or 2 minute video of your business showing the values you have to offer.

6.  Maximize Google Local Listings the Extra Details

Do not ignore the extra details Google Places will ask for like the opening hours, payment methods accepted, coverage areas, available facilities, and special offers. Your potential customers will thank you for providing such details.

7.  Invest Time to Complete the Services Section

Take your time to fill the searches section. A perfect services list should be between 6 and 10. However, if you have more relevant services, do not hesitate to include it.

8.  Create a unique Special Offer Coupon

Potential local customers love special offers and so do Good. Therefore, take advantage of this feature to highlight your special offers like discounts, coupons, special hours, and other promos open to Google Map users.

9.  Generate Citations

Quality citations and backlinks from authority websites show to Google that you are reputable and famous among top-level brands. Take an advantage of this too.

10.  Generate Customer Reviews

Get your business listed on third-party review platforms like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Insider Pages, and so on. Google uses reviews from these sites to determine how trustworthy your business is.

Bottom line

Google My Business Listing is a great way to attract new local customers to your business. But what happens when you are not found? It does mean that you will be losing potential customers to your competitors. Follow the above tips to improve your local SEO ranking.

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