SEO Alert! NAP Citations {Name, Address, Phone} Imperative

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SEO Alert! NAP Citations {Name, Address, Phone} Imperative

5c52aa19-f3fb-4a78-85f7-9a485933c337.jpgAccording to SEO company Moz, the number-one factor in negative local ranking is a listing detected with incorrect or false NAP.  Next is inconsistent name, address and phone number across several platforms.

This means that your Google listing doesn’t match your BBB listing and so on. Inaccuracies like these will kill your local SEO.  All told, NAP consistency plays a role in over half (54.4%) of ranking performance.

Even if your website has the perfect on page search engine optimization an incorrect or inconsistent NAP will place your business in the bottom half of rankings.

Although those statistics are shocking and even a little bit scary there is good news. The clear solution to place your business ahead of your competition is to claim your local business listings.  Once you claim your listings you will be able to make corrections to your NAP and business information.

Let me warn you it’s not easy.  There’s a reason for the numbers above.  Once you correct an incorrect listing, it’s quite possible for it to pop right back up again later because there is no one single authority for business data.  What this mean is if you correct a Bing listing, Bing may see that listing still exists on Yelp and re-create it automatically. So success depends on you correcting a large majority of the inaccuracies.  If you don’t it’s unlikely you’ll ever rank locally for anything but non-competitive keywords.” Click here to read more


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