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How to Perform WordPress Maintenance

Carolyn of Hawkeye Printing & Graphics asks

“What type of maintenance and upkeep should I be doing on my WordPress website? “

A slow loading website will not only hurt your SEO but also lose you customers.

Lack of maintenance on your WordPress website will greatly affect the performance.  A simple thing such as an outdated plugin can ruin your visitor’s experience

At Easy Street Social we perform  comprehensive weekly maintenance tasks for our clients.  We recommend that basic maintenance be completed no greater than every 30 days.  Here are 4 simple steps that can be completed in minutes and will keep your website running smoothly.

1. Update
The first step of any maintenance is to check for updates of WordPress, plugins and themes.  Having the latest updates ensures that you have all improvements and revisions.

2. Remove
Next you want remove spam comments.  Comments that include blacklisted links or malware can infect your site and may affect your credibility with viewers.  We use the Akismet plugin to monitor for comments. It’s a free plugin and can be installed in minutes.

3. Optimize
Clean post revisions, optimize database tables. Cluttered directories and unnecessary files can drag your load speed to a crawl. This task can be done within your file manager on your hosting account or you could install the WP-Optimize plugin. Also a free plugin.

4. Clear
Finally you want to clear your cache. A cache is basically a stored version of your website that reduces load time for returning visitors.   Clearing your cache ensures that your viewers are seeing the latest version of your site.  There are several free cache plugins at Easy Street Social we use W3 Total Cache.

That’s it. Really simple maintenance that will keep your WordPress website running smoothly.

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Thanks again to Carolyn of Hawkeye Printing & Graphics for submitting her question.  If you have a Easy Tip topic you would like covered submit it to with the title Easy Tips.

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