Google update drastically affects search rankings

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Google update drastically affects search rankings

Google has announced that their next update will launch on April 21, 2015.   This update will target and penalize non-mobile friendly websites.  If your website is not mobile friendly this Google update drastically affects search rankings for your business.  You are about to lose a large portion of your traffic.Google update drastically effects search rankings

Here are some items that Google will be looking for.

  • Viewport not configured / Fixed-width viewport
  • Touch elements too close
  • Small font size
  • Content not sized to viewport

That’s a lot of technical talk that basically boils down to Google telling you to make your website responsive! They’ve provided a complete guide to mobile-friendly sites and a page to test if your site is mobile-friendly.

So why is this happening?  Over the past 5 years, mobile traffic has skyrocketed. With some reports showing more than 50% of Google searches are performed on mobile devices.

What do you do if your site is not mobile friendly?  Don’t panic.  If your site is WordPress is could be as simple as updating your theme.  If not, there are several mobile friendly website services.  This creates a second version of your site strictly for mobile devices.

The good news is that if your site is mobile friendly Google will reward you with a mobile friendly verified tag.

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