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Many small and medium-sized businesses think that the internet is only meant for large businesses. Some even believe that running an online marketing campaign is too complicated and expensive. However, the truth remains that the internet is the best platform to expand your brand awareness and attract local customers.

Local SEO to attract local customers to local businesses

Perhaps, why should your website/business show up on the local search of people in New York when you operate in Dallas? Local SEO allows you to target specific audience and market in your immediate environment. Therefore, by using Local SEO for your business, you are targeting a particular locality (city) where your business is located.

For instance, if you operate a pizza restaurant in Dallas, Local SEO allows you to target potential customers and residents of Dallas and nearby cities. Ultimately, this helps to narrow down your target market, thereby making your marketing campaigns more focused. More so, since you have a relatively small coverage, your cost of running marketing campaigns will be drastically reduced.

Local Search Tools to Get More Local Customers 

For you to attract local customers from the internet, you need to achieve a high local ranking. This is based on intuitive local SEO strategies or tools. There are several local search tools that can boost your local listing and attract local customers to your shop. The major 5 of these tools are discussed below.

  • Research and use the Best Keywords

Keywords are specific words or phrases that are unique to your business and are used by potential customers when searching for similar products or services online. Keyword research is the process of finding, identifying, and incorporating popular and trending keywords that are frequently searched online by your target audience. The best practice in Local SEO is to link your product/service to your locality as a keyword. For instance, if you sell Pizza in Dallas, a perfect local SEO keyword would be; “pizza restaurant in Dallas”. Need help researching relevant keyword? Don’t worry; we of Easy Street Social Ltd. can do that for you.

  • Placing Your Page in Places

Whether you use Google+, Google My Business (GMB) or Bing Places for your business, it is imperative that your data is uniform and consistent across all of these platforms. More so, these pages must be optimized for your local audience. Note that these listings will appear at the top of any search result pages (SERPs) and they will show your contact information as well as your specific location on the map. To perfectly optimize these profiles, you should fill all the profile accurately and uniformly with the same data as shown on your business website.

  • Get Listed in Popular Review site and local listings

Getting listed on popular review sites is another way to attract local customers. Generally, customers trust and believe in the feedback given by other customers. Since owners of businesses can alter the reviews on their business websites, customers tend to rely more on the reviews on third-party websites.

Popular review sites include Angie’s List, Foursquare, Google+ Local, TripAdvisor, Urbanspoon, White Pages, Yahoo Local, Yellow Pages, and Yelp.

More so, you should consider setting up your business on popular online directories like Google Listing, Yahoo Local,, and Hotfrog. These directories are highly-rated, reputable, and recognized. Having your business on these platforms will help boost customers’ confidence in your business.

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  • Find Genuine and Helpful Reviews

Google and other search engines heavily prioritize reviews and shared contents from third-party directories. When someone visits your store or use your service, always encourage them to leave feedback of their experience on your online listings and directories. Generally, plenty of 5-star reviews on your listing is a factor that can influence customers’ buying decision.

We understand that it is not easy to have all your customers leave feedback and reviews. Especially when you are just a startup business, it is very hard to get lots of convincing reviews on these listings. Therefore, we of Easy Street Social Ltd. have developed software that generates top-level 5-star reviews on top online listing and directories.

Website Maintenance
  • Build links and network your business

High-quality link building is another cogent tool for achieving a high local ranking for your business. To build high-quality links, you need to focus on creating engaging user contents and attach stunning images of your business and products. Publish these contents as guest posts on local forums and blogs and attach a link back to your blog. Also, you can write quality contents for top authority sites and include a link back to your business website. Remember, you aim is to build quality links back to your website

Social media sharing is also another vital tool to network your business. There are millions of active daily social media users and all you need is just to get your business across to them via relevant and useful information as well as stunning and attractive images of your brand. Join local groups of your community on Facebook and always follow the latest trends of your community on Twitter. This will enable you to key into the current issues of your target market and hit our marketing right. More so, having a link back to your website from top social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can also help in link building.

Getting started isn’t hard & doesn’t take long.

As you can see, if you want to attract local customers to your business it’s not rocket science. It only involves the use of the right tools in the right way and at the right time. Of course, digital marketing can be confusing for business owners like you. That is why we of Easy Street Social Ltd. have come to your aid. With our all-in-one SEO software, we can help you drive even more local customers to your business. This software does three basic things; more 5-star reviews, more local customers, and higher local search ranking. To learn more about our company as well as this software, give us a call today!

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