If you run a store-front business or offer services within a particular local geographical region, then you’ll want to concentrate your marketing efforts to that particular local search. Most advanced search engine strategies out there are more global in nature and don’t offer the same benefits of higher local search rankings.   The benefits of higher local search rankings include more walk-in traffic, more phone calls and more direction requests.

 Here are  7  simple and easy tips to achieve higher local search rankings for your business.

Higher Local Search Rankings

1.       Make a list of local regions you’d like to rank for

What city, area, county or province do you cover? Which other neighboring cities do you want your business to appear? Think of all these locations and make a draft of long-tail keywords or phrases you want to rank your business for including the city, county, or province name. (eg Florida Chiropractor, Georgia Electrician, etc)

2.       Add a link to your business on Google Maps

Set up Google Maps for your business. Check to see if you are already listed. If yes, verify the accuracy of our information. If no, submit your business and verify your business location on Google map. This will tell Google as well as your potential customers your location as well as directions.

Higher Local Search Rankings - GMB

3.       Write web content or blog post dedicated to each local keyword phrase

Remember the keywords you drafted in (1) above? Use each of these keywords in an article focusing on the particular location throughout your website. This is important to rank higher on both local and global SEO. You don’t need to crowd your website with these keywords, however. Likewise, make sure your articles are SEO-optimized in terms of readability and other parameters.

4.       Regularly write and post new local content

Adding new relevant contents, especially blog posts, is important for all business websites. Making the new blog post-location-based is even more beneficial and valuable. It could be in form of a press release that you are launching a particular service or offering a promo in an area.

5.       Get backlinks on other complementary local business sites

What services do you offer? Look for other local businesses that offer complementary services and ask to exchange links. These links help to improve your overall business website ranking.

6.       Take and share local pictures

Take picture of your business performing an activity in a particular location and add them to your blog or website and local listing. Name the file after your keyword for the location and add relevant alt tag (same as the keyword).

7.       Use Review Sites

Using third-party review sites can also help to get higher local search rankings and ultimately return new customers. Create free business accounts and get your business listed on big review websites like Yelp, Insider, TripAdvisor, etc. and urge your happy clients to leave a review for you on those platforms. Good reviews from happy customers can increase your local search ranking and independently bring new customers.

Bottom line

The task to improve your local search and attract new customers does not end here. Take an extra step by utilizing the Easy Street Local SEO Software that lets you automatically manage, monitor, and optimize your Local Search Ranking. This tool will manage all your search data, provide 5-star reviews, suppress negative review, send notifications and create custom citations and perform many other services. If you are interested in knowing more about this amazing Local SEO tool, contact us today!

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