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6 Ways to Increase Facebook Reach with Edgerank

Facebook_Edgerank-01Looking at each individual factor of the Facebook news feed algorithm when creating a post can help you improve your results. Let’s break down some of the algorithm factors and discuss how improving them could lead to an increase in reach.

1. Increase Affinity Score

How can you increase the affinity score between you the person viewing your post? Build and nurture relationships with your Facebook followers. Create conversations around the things that you post and make sure to to follow up with the people who comment on your posts.

2. Gain Edge Weight

Increase the weight of the Edge with comments, Likes, and shares. Try creating a status that poses a hot or topical question, people will surely want to chime in with their own thoughts. So long as you make sure to create amazing original content, there’s a good chance that people will notice and reward it with their engagement.

3. Beat the Time Decay Factor

This doesn’t mean that you should post updates more often than you already do. It’s important to find the perfect balance of posting frequently enough to remain fresh and infrequently enough to not overwhelm your followers. Run some tests to see how often you can post content while still seeing good reach and engagement.

4. Take Advantage of Trends

The Sept. 18, 2014, update started rewarding the Pages and people who were posting about relevant and trending topics in a timely manner. Though it’s always a good idea to plan your posts in advance, don’t forget to take advantage of some of-the-moment marketing efforts.

5. Share Brand Adjacent Content

Don’t just post your own material! Try to sprinkle in links and mentions to other thought leaders in your field. This isn’t only good in terms of expanding your reach, but it’s also great for developing relationships with the leaders of your industry.

6. No Hard Sales

More often than not, Facebook Pages seem to fall into the poor habit of promoting their products or solutions to their audiences. The most recent algorithm update has made this a questionable tactic. Instead, try sharing content that your audience would find useful.

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Social media tools like Sprout Social can help you take advantage of all of the tips above. With Sprout, you can:

  • Maintain engagement with your followers, increasing affinity score.

  • Schedule and post content at ideal times for engagement, increasing edge weight and reducing time decays.

  • Analyze and build on your most successful content, increasing potential edge weight on future posts.

Source: sproutsocial.com Author: Michael Patterson

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