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5 SEO techniques to focus on in 2015


“SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is an ever-changing, what’s-the-latest, keep-up-or-get-out business; this we know. Every year (and every week) seems to bring world-rocking changes to Google algorithms, what’s ‘in’, and what’s ‘out’ in terms of best SEO practices.While the core SEO success factors shown below remain constant, changes to Google’s algorithms and web spam filters will mean that we should always be pushing the boundaries by testing new techniques.

Long-tail keyword searches will play an increasingly essential role in SEO.

Long-tail keywords offer the opportunity to give users content that is more specific based on their searches. Queries made by users are becoming much more accurate and focused. For example, what used to be a search for ‘cookies’ has now become ‘allergen-free cookies near Houston’.

You can find the long-tail keywords that are most suitable for your industry or niche by using Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool and by looking over the data in your Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. Regularly monitor your forum content, social media and customer service communication as well to find appropriate long-tail keywords, recommends Moz.

A website that provides specific information using long-tail keyword variations is going to be seen by Google (and by users) as more of an authority and more reputable than a website that merely repeats standard, generic industry keywords.

Google will reward content handsomely in 2015 that has a good balance of LSI terms along with those long-tail keywords.

5 SEO techniques to focus onBrand citations and mentions (implied links) will give express (or conventional) links a run for the money in terms of power.

Google seems to be placing more emphasis on nofollow links and brand mentions (implied links), which are projected to become just as important to SEO as the dofollow links and express links. Express links are URLs that lead back to a webpage; implied links are those that mention a brand or site without actually linking to it.

Because of the extensive abuse and misuse of link building in the past, Google has turned its attention to implied links more than in years past. Brand citations are less likely to be manipulated for the sole purpose of achieving higher search engine rankings, and are also more difficult to be manipulated.

With this being said, as brand mentions are becoming very important to a site’s authority, this does not imply that traditional, express links are now obsolete. It’s important for effective search engine optimization that websites include both implied and express links in strategies.” Click here to read more

Source: www.smartinsights.com

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